An Arts and Crafts Garden

A long-term, and complete redesign of the gardens of an Arts and Crafts house in the heart of Walberswick.  Our clients have embarked upon a sensitive renovation of the property and are keen to begin laying out the gardens in the tradition of Lutyens and Jekyll.

Apart from the existing orchard, we have been given a blank canvas to work with.  This exciting project includes  a ‘scenic’ approach to the property, a formal forecourt, the laying out of terraces, potager and glass house, sunken garden, rose garden, pergola and summer house.

We are working closely with DTaylor Landscapes to realise the project.

Visuals by Green Mind UK.


Before embarking upon concept work, a series of informative meetings established the design approach: an updated Arts and Crafts aesthetic.

The decision to relocate the main vehicular entrance to the property was made after careful consideration.  A new driveway has been installed to complement the new layout.  Form as well as function has dictated its layout.

The garden’s main axis leads the eye from the drawing room across the garden to restored period gates.  From south-facing terrace, a handsome set of York stone steps lead up onto the main lawn: embraced by two semi-circular herbaceous borders.  The axis, punctuated throughout by evergreen domes, then passes through the shrubbery, through a portal in the pleached hornbeam hedge and across the orchard, laid out in geometric blocks of wildflower meadow and mown paths.

Returning to the house, the east terrace overlooks the sunken garden: laid to lawn and flanked by deep borders.  A loggia faces the house.  The site of the existing swimming pool will be separated from the sunken garden with an oak pergola and transformed into a rose garden.


DTaylor Landscapes will commence phase one of the project will begin in August 2018.