Renaissance Garden

A striking, architect-designed country villa on the edge of the Val d’Orcia.  Built to Palladian principles, the architect nonetheless came up with a contemporary-feeling design juxtaposed by the use of local materials.  We were asked to create and masterplan from which to work up detailed plans zone by zone.

We began with the two spaces flanking the main house and the panoramic terrace between the two.  In the spirit of Italian Renaissance and Mannerist gardens, we created a secluded garden of evergreens between the villa itself and the annex of guest rooms.  The Italian garden is a sociable meeting place, a magical combination of secluded walkways, floriferous borders and seating areas.  We were committed to using local materials, and sourced local volcanic stone and terracotta pavoirs to complement the house. 

Steps lead down from the terraces, through borders and a double hedge that envelops a lawn.  Vistas are terminated by semi-mature Italian cypresses.  Views across the valley are framed by clusters of small, ornamental trees that create shady canopies.  The local stone copings and steps set off the bespoke pavoirs of the terraces.  The pattern will be replicated throughout the garden.  The planting scheme of drought-tolerant plants adds colour.  Ornamental grasses recall the surrounding countryside and add movement.

Future plans: a formal garden of ornamental grass parterres surrounding a dining terrace.  Swimming pool garden and potager.