An extensive family garden.  For many years, the garden was designated as a garden for children.  Their children having grown up, our clients wished to transform the garden into a more appropriate to entertaining friends and family. We were asked to review the layout, enhance screening, and create a loggia for entertaining.

The generous proportions of the garden have been optimised to create an inviting, streamlined, garden.  Divided into three distinct zones, the new layout provides ample space for socialising and outdoor activities.  A formal, Arts and Crafts inspired, axial layout leads the eye out of the house and into the garden.  The two principal axes serve as a visual link between the three zones (courtyard, lawn and plantation) that become increasingly naturalistic.  The bold structure creates impact and provides an appropriate framework for the equally striking, but low-maintenance planting scheme.  Screening is enhanced.

The garden’s main entertaining space has been repositioned at a convenient distance from the house.  Stepping out of the living room, one is absorbed by a parterre of sun-loving plants against an evergreen structure of Buxus.

At the centre of the gravel garden, a generous gravel terrace is enveloped by planting on three sides.  Boundaries are clad in vertical slatted timber fencing, painted to complement the property render.  A stylish loggia creates an outdoor dining space.

Intimacy is enhanced by two trios of ornamental trees (a flowering crab apple and a trio of Olives).  On the third side, the pergola provides shade.  The two main garden axes (leading from the living room and kitchen doors) cross the gravel garden.  The latter running through the pergola itself.  A pair of fastigiate Yew denote the second garden axis.

The existing lawn has been foreshortened.  The existing lateral borders have been retained but replanted. Bold blocks of flowering shrubs, large herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses will ensure year-round impact with minimal maintenance.

Framed by an evergreen hedge of Yew, the secluded plantation of multi-stem trees create a woodland feel, enhanced by the meadow grass and spring bulbs beneath.  The gravel broadwalk continues, crossing the meadow to reach a bench.   Alternatively, the gravel could be replaced here by a simple mown path.

The garden is being built by Burnham Landscaping.

Visuals by Green Mind UK.