A Productive Garden of Rooms

A recently-acquired 18th Century property in a tiny village near Southwold.  In addition to renovating the house, our clients wished to create a productive garden of rooms.  The design was to include an orchard, potager, glass house and cutting garden, along with generous terraces and a hermitage overlooking the fields beyond.

The concept evokes an Arts and Crafts feeling garden of rooms, opening into one another and into the countryside beyond.  Walks and pathways are axial, linking spaces, creating views and vistas. Each space blends form and function.  Unity is ensured by a restrained use of materials throughout.  It is also accentuated by the garden’s ‘signature’: trios of outsize Beech beehives; that also add an element of contemporaneity to the design.

The formal layouts of the Parterre and Potager are softened by planting and complimented by the more open, naturalistic orchard, and lawn, surrounded by mass plantings of ornamental grasses.


The garden is being built by DTaylor Landscapes.

The glass house by Hartley Botanic.

Visuals by Green Mind UK.