Prairie Garden

Our clients have transformed an expansive, mid-century bungalow into a Hamptons-inspired country home set upon an exposed hill overlooking the Blyth Valley.  We were asked to devise a master plan for the garden in a style that would blend seamlessly into the landscape.

A formal orchard with axial pathways defined by weathered railway sleepers and gravel uniting the house and summer house/studio.  An oval lawn embraced by a deep New Perennial style prairie border, with more ornamental plants concentrated towards the house. 

A belt of trees to mitigate the SW wind, also conceal a nearby housing development and direct the eye towards Blythburgh church and views across the vall



Clearance work, pruning and tree planting was carried out by Redcap Farm Tree Services.  The garden was built by DTaylor Landscapes.

Visuals by Green Mind UK.