Mediterranean Courtyard

A small townhouse in Belsize Park, converted into two flats.  The ground floor flat enjoys a small garden, with a generous, south-facing side return, at present overgrown with shrubs.   Surrounding brick walls have been recently re-pointed.  We have been asked to design an outdoor living space with an ample terrace softened by a restrained, almost completely evergreen planting palate with a Mediterranean feel.

The triangular shape of the area is mitigated by planting beds that surround the generous, limestone terrace.  Beds are defined by low, wide evergreen hedging.  Boundary walls are left unadorned by climbers and accented with uplights.  Fastigiate Taxus baccata ‘Fastigiata aurea’ mitigate the height of the surrounding walls and indicate the vista into the garden proper.  A cross axis, from the dining room double doors, terminates with a water bowl.  Three multi-stem flowering trees create shadows and some dappled shade.