Water Garden

A contemporary new build in the heart of Aldeburgh.  Our client, a keen gardener, asked us to work closely with her to optimise existing planting (well-established trees and topiarized shrubs) in the creation of harmonious, but distinctive garden spaces.

The house, with generous timber terraces, sits on a slope, partially punctuated by the remains of a large, Victorian rock garden.  The site has an infinity with Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Falling Water, and we took this as a design departure point.

The main veranda overlooks a semi-circular lawn, with turf embankments sweeping round and containing deep, shrub/herbaceous borders.  Porcelain ‘stepping stones’ flank the lawn, accenting its form and leading, via a wildflower meadow/orchard to the Pilates studio.

We worked closely with our client towards a ‘water garden’ viewed from the terrace.  The old rockery has been restored and a wide, formal reflective pool with generously-proportioned weir has been installed in the retaining wall that negotiates the level change up to the porcelain dining area and gravel garden.


The garden is being built by DTaylor Landscapes.

Visuals by Green Mind UK.