This garden was commissioned to showcase contemporary outdoor living.  The clients were envisaged as a professional couple in SW London, who requested a natural plunge pool, a variety of water features and dining/relaxing areas. They specified a formal design to match their contemporary home.  In particular, they required seclusion, shelter and the sensation of lush abundance.

The concept celebrates how water uplifts body and spirit.  It looks back to 18th century plunge pools, often situated in woodland glades, and their classical inspiration.  It has also been inspired by the 18th century artist Joseph Wright of Derby’s dramatic contrast of light and shade.

Vistas and axes give the garden an underlying formality.  Hard-landscaping introduces an elegant and contemporary streamlined feel complemented by a lush and eclectic planting palate.  The garden is secluded, and sociable.  Inviting, but intimate. Elegant, but eccentric.

In addition to the plunge pool, the garden contains a sunken, reflective lily pond and pergola.