Into the Woods

We were asked to create a garden to a group of local businesses. The garden has been inspired by the woodlands of coastal East Anglia, in particular, the area around Aldeburgh where the garden builders are located.  The notion of a glade, as a place of relaxation and contemplation has been inspired by the gardens of Five Acre Barn, a contemporary Bed and Breakfast located in the area. The work of Redcap Farm Tree Services is highlighted by the formative pruning of the Birches, groundworks, and the recycling of sleepers and stumps.  DTaylor Landscapes have constructed the garden’s pathways and terrace, in addition to installing the water bowl.  David and his team are also experienced in soft-landscaping.

‘Into the Woods’ celebrates the magic of woodlands.  Woodlands, and their margins, have always fascinated horticulturists who, in history, have treated these areas in different ways: stumperies, shrubberies and woodland glades are part of our garden heritage.

The visitor enters via a gravel path, rising gradually towards a series of landings, defined by oak sleepers.  This mini woodland walk takes the visited through and around a plantation of birch trees, growing out of a stumpery.  It descends through a small shrubbery into a magical woodland glade, with a reflective water basin and seating.  The glade is immersed in a stylised meadow and topiarised Beech.  The planting palate consists of rusty colours and antiqued pastels.

The garden was sponsored by DTaylor Landscapes, Redcap Farm Tree Services and Frederic Whyte.

Water bowl by The Pot Company.