“A very serene, and harmonious garden which makes you think: you can do extraordinary things on a small budget...and there's a great message in this garden too.” Andy Sturgeon, BBC1 2013

The 9 Billion Conversation Garden

The garden, Commissioned by Business in the Community, highlighted the need for businesses and communities to work together to promote sustainability.

The concept was explored and represented through design elements: a green amphitheatre represented the gathering of society, three multi-stem trees symbolised business, community and media, and two pools invited social interaction and reflection.

The garden took inspiration from the land art movement and harmonies seen in nature. It showed how land art can be used in small garden spaces and demonstrated that innovative garden structure can be achieved without relying heavily on hard landscaping materials. The naturalistic flowering tapestry of fresh greens and creamy whites, with accents of blue was conceived to evoke the calming, yet energizing atmosphere of an early summer woodland glade.

The 9 Billion Conversation Garden was awarded a Gold Medal.  

The Garden was built by Cube1994.

Elements of the garden were gifted to community garden projects in Tottenham.