The process is divided into stages to ensure that clients are engaged in the design process throughout.

The Brief. An initial meeting establishes creative departure points. Your practical, aesthetic and budgetary requirements are established. A site survey and appraisal is carried out.

Concept. The annotated Garden Plan is accompanied by a Concept Book which provides you with visual examples of the concept as well as examples of trees, planting palates and materials. Written descriptions and sketches also illustrate the overall concept. Both elements of the concept serve to clarify points, make amendments and choose materials.   At this stage, we discuss the choice of contractor.

Commission. Before obtaining estimates from contractors and suppliers, the necessary technical drawings, draft Schedule of Works and plant lists are produced.  We hand-pick important specimens and source perennials ourselves from trusted suppliers.

Project monitoring.  Includes regular onsite visits to guarantee the integrity of the design and quality of finish. A full assessment of the work is carried out before sign-off.  Setting out and planting is carried out by us.

Consultancy. Gardens grow and requirements change. To help you enjoy your garden and its potential, plant maintenance schedules are provided and ongoing consultations offered.  We pride ourselves in keeping in touch and developing long-term relationships with clients.