“Frederic's simple and cost-effective design really set off the house and much increased its kerb appeal. The eventual buyers are enchanted. ” FGS

Small Town Garden

A semi-detached 1930s property. Recently renovated with an aim to selling on. The garden was triangular. Rather an awkward shape. Our client wished to improve boundaries and create generous planting zones. Budget requirements were important.

Revisiting images of modernist gardens, we devised a geometric layout the pushed out the garden boundaries, increasing spatial openness and providing a generous seating area. Wide timber-clad fencing also expanded the visuals of the garden. A small shed was designed with the same materials. Chunky strips of Buxus hedging provided ballast for the planting.

Gravel terrace. Raised mild steel beds negotiate the slight difference in levels. Three flowering crab apples create depth and harmony. The planting beds, with a palate of blues, fresh greens and whites are bisected by low, wide Buxus hedging.