Park Café

The Café is situated in Paddington Recreation Ground. Its external space was cluttered and uninspiring; views across the park were blocked.  We were asked by Westminster City Council to revamp the area.

The design creates a resilient, easy-to-manage courtyard combined with a striking aesthetic. Visual boundaries impeding views across the playing fields removed. Form and function combine for screening, structure and seasonal interest. The site was divided into two zones. Redbrick herringbone paving defines the area in front of the Café, creating an axis between the two points of entrance. Random, recycled York Stone paving defines the dining area.

Bespoke planters, laid out on a grid are the principal design element. On the NW boundary, large topiarized domes of Ilex crenata enhance screening. Five matching planters are positioned symmetrically in the dining area between tables, filled with annual plant combinations in whites and oranges, redolent of the tradition of carpet bedding in public parks.  Two multi-stem Prunus x subhirtella Autumnalis provide visual focal points during Winter months.

Bespoke planters by IOTA.