“Frederic has blended my love of simple, contemporary form with a subtle and nostalgic planting scheme that evokes my Suffolk childhood. It feels like an oasis within this oasis of this village. I hardly feel the need to go out.” Theo WS

Courtyard Garden

A small, secluded walled garden with a well. Our client specified a formal layout that would improve the relationship between house and garden, improving the sense the spaciousness. The well was to disappear under a gravel terrace. He required a seating area and small patch of lawn. While asking for structure and formality, he felt that a more cottage-style planting scheme would be in keeping with the property and the garden’s attractive flint walls.

Dividing the garden into two zones we pushed the boundaries outwards, while visually lengthening the garden with planted axes. We accentuated the long side return by creating a vista into the garden: punctuated by a pair of fastigiate Taxus, also positioned to mitigate the disproportionate height of one wall. This element was complemented by lateral clipped Buxus hedging and a trio of Taxus domes. The raised gravel terrace, enveloped by planting beds concealed the well and will eventually lead into the renovated kitchen via new French doors.

The garden feels deceptively spacious, suggesting, rather than creating, rooms.  Our client loves sitting on the terrace surrounded by a contemporary but cottage-garden inspired scheme planted in cross-axial strips. The colour palate is gentle. Pastel tones are offset by darker Roses. The north-facing border is illuminated by a mass planting of Hydrangea ‘Lime Rickey’ and Iris ensata.

Works carried out by DTaylor Landscapes, Suffolk.  Visuals by Green Mind UK.  Water Bowl by The Pot Company.