“Working with Freddy has been a joy. After refreshing the Arts and Crafts garden of our London home, we asked him to design the garden of our Italian property. Though prepared for high standards of design and application, we were very impressed by his commitment, efficiency and attention to detail. He exuded passion and creativity in translating our brief into reality” Colin Firth

A Contemporary Country Garden

Ecological criteria and traditional building materials were used to create a chic re-interpretation of a Tuscan country house. With busy, high-profile lives and two children, the clients required a garden in which to relax, socialize, and play in privacy.

The garden space around their home was a bare, uneven plateau encircled by steep slopes and neglected terracing, exposed to full sun and nearby properties. The contemporary design complements the family’s Anglo-Italian background, combining Italian garden design principles with a more naturalistic and colourful, Northern European approach to perennial planting.

Clusters of Holm Oak and trios of Cypress have been planted for shade, privacy and for focal points; also ensuring that the garden blends seamlessly into the landscape. A series of loosely-defined, harmonious spaces have been designed as backdrops to social life. Planted with flowering trees, romantic combinations of ornamental grasses, roses and sun-loving perennials, each area has a character of its own.

Future plans: a flowering meadow and Mediterranean maquis.