“I met with many designers before having the pleasure of meeting Freddy. None of them were able to visualize with such precision the garden I wanted. He engaged at an emotional level and worked closely with me to create our dream garden. He worked meticulously and passionately to fill it with beautiful plants. The result is stunning and I would recommend that anyone looking for their dream garden consults Freddy” Sylvie Frost

A Flower-Filled Urban Oasis

A Victorian townhouse with open-plan, contemporary living spaces. Our clients, an Anglo-French family, asked for a tidy but floriferous oasis with paved areas in the centre of London: a relaxing space full of seasonal colour and enhanced privacy.

The concept combines a formal, contemporary urban style, with the romanticism of French country and English cottage gardens. The layout optimizes the available space and provides three abundant planting zones. An axis from the kitchen door to the back of the garden is a formal element.

Yew hedging provides screening. Clipped, evergreen balls of Buxus create focal points and recall the formality of great French gardens. Slatted softwood panels introduce an element of the contemporary and are festooned in climbers. The random paving is tidy but not over-formal, ensuring the overall effect of romance and intimacy. A pair of small, ornamental trees introduce verticality and seasonal interest without creating too much shade in the requested seating areas. Planting, a palate of blues, whites, dusky pinks and deep burgundy accents, covers the full-sun to full-shade, four season spectrum.