“After two days of intensive work, the masterpiece was complete. I couldn't believe my eyes. My borders came to life. It was, and is, stunning! I really think the Oscar should go to Frederic Whyte and my gorgeously luscious garden!” Kate Middleton

A Country Garden

To create a formal-feeling garden that blends into the dramatic Tuscan landscape.

The concept plays on the property’s natural context and the client’s love of formal gardens. Balls of structural Buxus sempervirens create a unifying theme. These are mirrored on the confines, by looser balls of Teucrium fruticans. Colourful perennials around the house weave together the various internal/external spaces into a harmonious, energizing whole. Chillea Terracotta echoes the colour of the walls and creates, with drifts of Stipa tenuissima, a naturalistic effect enlivened by the bolder hues of Euphorbia and Salvia nemorosa “Caradonna”.

Naturalistic plants and muted tones blend the garden into its surroundings. Ornamental grasses are contemporary feeling and echo the fields in the valley. A border of lavender is divided at regular intervals with clusters of Rosa bonica. Drifts of airy Deschampsia cespitosa and Gaura lindheimeri create a delicate veil between the garden space and the landscape.

Planting around the pool establishes a foundation for future work. Trios of Cupressus sempervirens frame the view. Nerium oleander provide screening and backdrops for Perovskia, Deschampsia and Gaura.

Future plans: Boschetto (woodland) Walk and Formal Parterre beside the main entrance.