“A truly inspired design that blended the hotch-potch layout of our period property with a more spacious, contemporary layout. We've had great fun running riot with the planting the beds and borders Freddy devised. ” Bill Pryde

Romantic Walled Garden

Our clients had recently moved. Before setting to work on renovating their charming home, they commissioned us to restore the walled garden: a sociable space linking cottage, print studio and period greenhouse, all set at differing angles. We were briefed to create a well-ordered but romantic-feeling space where our clients could entertain and explore their passion for exuberant planting.

The formless lawn, chaotic levels and taverna-style pergola were swept away and replaced by soft, but streamlined layout. A series of garden rooms introduced variety whilst retaining an airy, uncluttered feel. We were asked to devise the structural planting scheme, introducing generous flower beds to be planted by our clients. Period urns will add to the fin de siècle feel and denote axes.

A series of terraced garden rooms. An uncluttered, spacious kitchen terrace and raised herb beds. A dramatic sandstone staircase leading up to the dining terrace beside the studio. A cutting garden surround by a low hedge of Ilex crenata. A lawn, setting off a bower of flowering crab apples and an old Suffolk wall.  Buttresses removed to open up axes and vistas, allowing the restored Victorian greenhouse to breathe. A formal potager with pleached hornbeams and raised beds.

Works carried out by DTaylor Landscapes.

Visuals by Green Mind UK.