“Freddy designed a garden for us that not only fitted the original brief as a swimming pool surround but created a unique planting and landscaped scheme to reflect the house’s arts and crafts architecture that complimented perfectly the garden’s environs and the look of the property. The evolution of the garden brings new aspects to the look of the new plant growth, week by week, a total delight!” Ailsa King

Formal Walled Garden

We were commissioned to restore an extensive walled garden.  Attached to a truly inspiring Arts and Crafts property, the walled garden and orangery have recently been rejuvenated by the introduction of a swimming pool.  We were asked to design a formal, pared-back layout and pergola, inspired by the property’s architecture.

The work of Edwin Lutyens has been our departure point. In particular, his work at Viceroy’s House, New Delhi.   We have enhanced the original garden/orangery axis with a broken avenue of Beech domes.  A new axis, which will eventually cross the whole area, designates the position of the pergola and semi-circular terrace.  A network of geometric pathways criss-cross the planting beds.  Clusters of trees create contrasts of light and shade.  A cross-axial walk of bearded Iris will separate the pool garden from the four segments of the walled garden proper. 

The pool was installed by Letts Swimming Pools.

The swathes of low-maintenance, drought tolerant herbaceous planting have grown, surrounding the pool and pergola with colour and texture.  Grasses catch the evening light and roses fill the air with fragrance.

The garden and pergola were skilfully built by DTaylor Landscapes, Suffolk.

Future plans: to complete the renovation of the walled garden with ornamental grass parterres, reflective pools and games area.