“Freddy has a wonderful eye for scale and colour and an empathy that means that he has been a pleasure to work with. Our garden is one of my passions and we have created it over 28 years. We needed someone to come in with a fresh eye and help us pull the whole thing together. The terrace that Freddy designed is perfect. As requested, it is utterly in keeping with the rest of the garden and looks as if it has been there forever whilst forming the nucleus of the garden which was missing before. The work Freddy and the excellent team he works with have done has been a very happy leap forward for a much loved garden.” Tizy WW

A Gardener's Garden

A beautiful early Victorian, mainly Suffolk brick, building, set in extensive gardens.  The garden was laid out and tended by our client, a passionate gardener.  We were asked to review the garden, indicating possible enhancements and improvements in the layout and planting.  Our principal task was to introduce an outdoor dining area and formal borders beside the house, creating more of a dialogue with the garden.  We were asked to ensure that new elements blended seamlessly into the existing layout and consider a focal point for the existing garden axis.

To create a structured lower garden that brings garden interest up to the house.  The formal layout provides ample planting areas, and a sizeable terrace envisaged as a semi-secluded bower.  It aims to seamlessly fit into the existing garden aesthetic.  Existing beds and evergreen form are enhanced by two flower parterres, with Buxus balls and directional hedging elements designed to feel traditional, but contemporary.

The terraced area is laid with reclaimed York Stone and surrounded by multi-stem trees.  The random nature of the positioning is sympathetic to the surrounding woodland and suggests a more timeless quality to the new layout.

However, the underlying structure remains formal. Axial and cross-axial gravel pathways, and an imposing set of York Stone steps frame the house and are, proportionally, in keeping with the larger garden spaces.  The existing turf bank has been replaced by a blockwork wall, faced with evergreen hedging.

The house is ‘framed’ by three fastigiate, evergreen trees planted as one single, and a pair, to replicate the house chimneys.  This trio is replicated twice in the garden.

Existing double borders are redefined with mild steel edging, and planting reviewed.  The garden axis is enhanced by a bespoke, ornamental Regency Gothic gate the echoes the double doors leading into the garden.

Tree surgery carried out by Redcap Farm Tree Services.  Works carried out by DTaylor Landscapes.

Gothic gate crafted by Josh Hayes (Suffolk Bespoke Joinery).

Autumn/Winter 2018/19: formal forecourt and additional garden screening.