“Freddy is an exceptional plantsman and designer. He listened attentively to our needs. The care he's taken not only in the planting, but in his thoughts and visits afterwards, has made the garden a very special place for us and for everyone who sees it. ” Karen Bonser

Pool Garden and Potager

A recently-installed natural swimming pool with rather overzealous hard-landscaping. We were asked to mitigate the expanse of paving and pathways and inject colour, movement and character. Our client asked us to give the pool garden a classic, formal feel set off by a soft, contemporary planting scheme of perennials and grasses. We were also asked to suggest new boundary solutions.

After carefully studying the layout, we inserted axes and vistas across the garden with vertical, structural planting. This gave the area an Italianate feel. Timber-clad fencing, painted black, was designed to blend into the surrounding agricultural land. Planting was devised to introduce statement blocks of seasonal colour softened by ornamental grasses.

Clusters of fastigiate Taxus (Yew) resemble Italian cypresses. An avenue of Quercus ilex (Holm Oaks) create an axis across the pool towards the greenhouse. Multi-stem small ornamental trees blend the garden into the landscape. The stone terraces are softened by two principal planting schemes: the first, drifts of summer-flowering perennials in blues, mauves and burgundies weave between cloud-pruned Buxus; the second, consisting of taller ornamental grasses and perennials envelop the pool garden, catching the evening light across the fields.

The soft landscaping was implemented by DTaylor Landscapes, Suffolk.