“I knew very little about gardens and gardening before Freddy. He has introduced me into a fascinating world of plants and design. He patiently explained every element of the concept and consulted me on every detail. He worked closely with our contractors, which was greatly appreciated. Every weekend something new seems to pop up as if by magic. It’s been an education, and great fun.” Francesca Findlater

A Contemporary Cotswolds Garden

A barn conversion in traditional materials.  Existing outbuildings restored for future renovation.  The garden is confined by dry stone walls.  The clients required screening, structure and year-round interest in specific zones.

The design aims for maximum effect with minimum maintenance: a contemporary, rural-feeling garden that blends into the landscape. The garden has been loosely divided into zones, each related to the garden as a whole by overlapping clusters of native trees that introduce perspectives, focal points and seasonal colour. Evergreen trees have been introduced to frame the house and to accentuate views.

The entrance to the property has been softened with clusters of flowering Malus and Cornus. Cloud-pruned Yew provide backdrops to drifts of grasses. In front of the house, a contemporary white, black and blue border is punctuated with spheres of Buxus. The existing orchard of randomly-positioned apple trees has been transformed into a naturalistic wildflower meadow with mown paths.

The terrace has been softened with three clusters of bespoke planters. Three outsize globes of Taxus punctuate each cluster and frame views. Dappled shade has been created in the courtyard with a mature Amelanchier lamarckii. A simple, formal parterre surrounds a commemorative sundial. Each parterre is punctuated by a quirky Yew mushroom. The planting is a study in shades and tints of blue.

Beyond the dry stone walls, the paddock is being left in order to create a Cotswolds uplands meadow. Two clusters of Sorbus and Betula have been planted for structure, and to capture the summer breeze. 

This is an ongoing project and we are planning to create hideaway garden in the valley by the brook.